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The founders of Maui Boutique Weddings left their intense corporate jobs because they wanted to focus on a life filled with happiness, love and beauty. We want to create something good in this world.

We have a passion for weddings, the serene beauty of Maui and for creating magic. We remember the golden rule and want to give you the experience that we ourselves would love and expect.

Our goal is to give you an unforgettable day full of delightful surprises and beautiful moments. We take care of all the details so you can relax and enjoy every moment.


Non-denominational Wedding Minister

Reverend Diana is a state-recognized non-denominational minister and specializes in exceptional personal service to provide the most beautiful and memorable Hawaiian wedding experience for you. She performs marriages, civil unions, vow renewals and non-traditional unions for both large and small group weddings on Maui, island-wide and gives all ceremonies her personal touch and genuine warmth.

“ I love what I do and would love to perform a special ceremony for you!”

— Rev. Diana

Hawaiian Wedding Minister

Kahu Kale Ka'alekahi loves to share the beauty of Hawaiian culture with couples coming to Maui from all over the world to get married in this very special place. Being of Native Hawaiian descent, he has spent much of his life learning about the traditions and customs that are unique to Hawaii and his interest include the arts of hula (dance), mele (song) and oli (chant). Kahu Kale's ceremonies will make you feel connected to each other and the land of Hawaii and you will really enjoy his cheerful way of spreading Aloha.

“ I ho’okahi kahi ke aloha. Be ONE in LOVE.”

— Hawaiian Proverb. Translated by Mary Kawena Pukui


Hawaiian Wedding Minister

Rev Kuya Robert Alamodin begins all his ceremonies with the traditional oli chant and the blowing of the "pu" conch shell, introducing you to the ancient Hawaiian traditions. Kuya is an amazing celebrant and loves making every single wedding very special. Our couples love his personality and way of spreading joy and of course his wonderful Hawaiian and Hawaiian-Christian ceremonies full of the Aloha spirit. 

“Me ke Aloha pumehana! - I shall bring my warmest Aloha to your cherished day!”

—  Kuya Alamodin 


Hawaiian Wedding Minister

Reverend Kimo's passion is his faith and you will find that his ceremonies are infused with the true spirit of Aloha. Although he has traveled widely, he calls Lahaina, Maui his home. As an ordained minister of the Harvest Chapel, Church of God his services include, among other religious and non-religious ceremonies, traditional Hawaiian vows with beautiful and romantic elements that you will enjoy. Couples love his cheerful, warm and kind personality.

“My ceremony comes from the heart with much Aloha! I open every marriage celebration with the blowing of the conch shell, the Oli (a Hawaiian wedding chant) and close with a special Hawaiian blessing. I feel blessed to be part of a couple’s special day!”

— Rev. Kimo 

Minister & Founder

Reverend Irina is passionate about love. She is an artist and her pursuit of beauty has led her all over the world. She studied at Oxford where she received her masters. Reverend Brown loves Maui, “the most beautiful place on earth” and is passionate about creating magical moments for couples on their most important day.

“If I had to do my wedding over again, I would do it on a beach on Maui. I can’t think of a more perfect setting.”

— Rev. Irina

Wedding Planner

If Adrienne could get married every day she would. Adrienne went to school at Depaul University and has been passionate about event planning from the start. Her relationship with event planning dates back to when she was two years old and would throw elaborate tea parties for her stuffed animals, she has since graduated to significantly more elaborate affairs. Adrienne's favorite events have always been weddings and today her sole focus is to make sure your wedding is everything you hope it can be and more.  

Hawaiian Musician

Rico was born on Maui and has been playing music for as long as he can remember. He is our chief musician and when he plays it’s as though the world pauses just for a moment to listen to his music. He brings so much depth and emotion to every ceremony, it feels as if the cosmos created a moment in time just for you. Rico has a great repertoire of beautiful Hawaiian instrumental pieces and of popular songs that you can choose from.

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