You will look stunning with our tropical Hawaiian bridal bouquets, made with flowers from Hawaii's flower farms!

Gorgeous tropical flowers


Artfully arranged.

Make your Maui beach wedding unforgettable with our artisan crafted bridal bouquets. The stunning colors are a traditional element of a Hawaii wedding!

All flowers are unique of course and can vary a bit in their colors, sizes and shapes due to natural variability and every bouquets will be a unique one-of-a-kind flowery creation.


Hawaii Wedding Bouquets  

Boho Hawaiian bridal bouquets feature hand-tied styles with a mix of tropical and classic wedding flowers, playfully arranged.

#1 - Boho Dreams Bouquet

Beautiful pink anthuriums with roses and seasonal orchids in a loose boho style

#2 - Boho Pink Clouds Bouquet

Sweet roses, pink ginger and hydrangea create a cute fluffy cloud bouquet

#3 - Boho Purple Sky Bouquet

Pink and purple colors combine in a playfully pretty bouquet with roses and stock

#4 - Boho Wildflower Bouquet

Eucalyptus greens are hand-tied with a mix of roses and other seasonal flowers 

#5 - Boho Ginger Bouquet

Tropical torch ginger is extraordinary and combined with roses and stock, it's magical


Hawaii Wedding Bouquets  

Tropical Hawaiian bridal bouquets are created with a mix of tropical and classic wedding flowers in a round style.

#6 - Tropical Dreams Bouquet

Pink ginger combines with orange mokara and purple orchids to create a fantastic tropical look

#7 - Tropical Sunset Bouquet

Stargazer lilies, purple orchids and heliconia make this bouquet a tropics sunset color delight

#8 - Tropical Orange Bouquet

Orange and white lilies look amazing together in this colorful orange statement bouquet

#9 - Tropical Pink Flamingo Bouquet

Pink flamingo flowers and pink ginger come together in this tropical pink color burst

#10 - Tropical Orchid & Rose Bouquet

Classic with a fabulous tropical twist: Purple orchids and light-colored roses are simply beautiful together 

#11 - Tropical Cascade Bouquet

This cascading teardrop bouquet has bold tropical orange, purple and green colors

#12 - Tropical Stargazer Bouquet

Pink Stragazer lilies are the star of this gorgeous bouquet

#13 - Tropical Fantasy Bouquet

This combination of pink, yellow, orange, purple and white with greens is tropical inspiration at its finest.


Hawaii Wedding Bouquets  

Rustic Hawaiian bridal bouquets are created with a variety of rustic greens as well as tropical and classic wedding flowers.

#14 - Rustic Dream Bouquet

Roses, ferns and proteas create this rustic bouquet dream in burnt orange

#15 - Rustic Succulent Bouquet

Eucalyptus, succulents and a mix of roses makes up this sweet rustic bouquet creation

#16 - Rustic Cascade Bouquet

Protea and roses in pink with a cascading look. This is an amazing rustic bouquet

#17 - Rustic Fantasy Bouquet

Roses and succulents come in a pretty hand-tied style with a hint of cascading greens

#18 - Rustic Pink Mink Bouquet

Beautiful protea with roses and ginger create a lovely pink rustic bouquet


Hawaii Wedding Bouquets  


Modern Hawaiian bridal bouquets are created hand-tied or as cascades with bold greens and a variety of orchids, anthurium, ginger, protea, tropicals and more classic wedding flowers as well.

#19 - Modern Sunrise Bouquet

Stunning mix of tropical flowers in a modern style. Heliconia, ginger, anthurium and tropical greens

#20 - Modern Green & White Bouquet

Amazing en vogue bouquet with large monstera leaves, orchid sprays and anthurium.

#21 - Modern Dream Bouquet

Beautiful pink protea and ginger in a hand-tiedstyle with ti leaf

#22 - Modern Cascade Bouquet

Beautiful baby rose, white lilies and orchids in a cascading style

#23 - Modern Green Crescent Bouquet

Beautiful pink anthuriums with roses and seasonal orchids in a loose boho style


Hawaii Wedding Bouquets  

Classically beautiful bridal bouquets with roses, lilies, hydrangeas and orchids in classic round and hand-tied bouquet styles.

#24 - Classic Pretty in Pink Bouquet

An absolutely wonderful medley of pink and creme roses with stock flowers

#25 - Classic Sunrise Bouquet

White lilies and roses in orange and pink tones make this a gorgeous colorful classic bridal bouquet

#26 - Classic 'Something Blue' Bouquet

Blue hydrangea and white roses make up this bouquet , which has the colors of the ocean

#27 - Classic Queen Rose Bouquet

Enchanting rose bouquet of large creme roses

#28 - Classic Clouds Bouquet

Cute rose mix bouquet with hydrangea and dusty miller

#29 - Classic Blush Rose Bouquet

Beautiful blush roses in the classic round wedding bouquet style

#30 - Classic Fragrance Bouquet

Perfect symbiosis oragrant freesia and roses in this gorgeous bouquet

#31 - Classic Signature Bouquet

The classic round wedding bouquet of roses with a cute sprinkling of white orchids

#32 - Classic Dream in White Bouquet

A true dream in white to match your white wedding theme. Roses and lilies mixed with white orchids. It's the perfect match for white wedding leis!


Hawaii Wedding Bouquets  

Vintage Hawaiian bridal bouquets in a hand-tied style with roses, lilies, orchids and eucalyptus greens in a whimsical arrangement.

#33 - Vintage Cloud Bouquet

Gorgeous eucalyptus greens with white lilies, roses and orchids. 

#34 - Vintage Sky Bouquet

A mix of eucalyptus greens, white roses and seasonal blue flowers

#35 - Vintage Blush Bouquet

Beautiful pink roses with eucalyptus greens create an enchanting bouquet