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With us, you won't get just a standard beach wedding experience. Our thoughtfully crafted styles of ceremonies include hand-picked wedding traditions and symbolism and then add modern chic touches for an unforgettable wedding experience. And we are proud to offer all of our ceremonies to opposite and same sex couples. The Hawaiian islands are home to ancient Polynesian culture and traditions, some of which have survived to this present day and have now become a symbolic and very romantic part of our wedding ceremonies. Our wedding ceremonies feature these unique Hawaiian touches that you will not find anywhere else in the world!

Ceremonial conch shell blow

We have included this special touch in your ceremony because in ancient Hawaii there were no church-bells and the shell blow would be performed on special occasions to call the people and gods alike to attend a a joyous occasion or holy ritual, because it could be heard miles away!

Lei exchange

Since you are promising love and commitment to each other, we have included the ancient Hawaiian custom of a lei exchange as part of your ceremony, because lei represent love, friendship and are a symbol for wedding rings in Hawaiian culture.

Ring exchange

In addition to exchanging the Hawaiian leis, the traditional ring exchange is a beautiful element for all wedding ceremonies.

Hawaiian knot tying ceremony

Hawaiian knot tying is a special ceremony that was once reserved for very select groups, your officiant wraps a shell strand around your joined hands in an ancient symbolism of tying two people to one another, forever. You get to keep the ceremonial shell strand as a memento of your wedding.

Sacred flower petal release

sacred Hawaiian flower petal release is a cute custom, where every flower petal stands for a happy thought or wish. In Hawaiian culture "Lono", the god of the wind, will hear your wishes when the flower petals are flying. (We take 10 additional photos of this moment.)

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