Our Hawaiian wedding ceremonies include the most beautiful and memorable Hawaiian traditions and symbolism.

With the ceremonies below, you are sure to find exactly what you want for your wedding day on Maui and all of our officiants are known for their unique and personal touches that make every wedding special. If you like, of course you are very welcome to write vows for each other (in addition to your repeat-after-me vows) and our ministers are also happy to read a psalm, verse or poem for you, if you would like to customize your ceremony a little.

We are proud to offer all of our ceremonies to opposite and same sex couples.


Hawaiian Spiritual Ceremony (non-religious)

A touch of Hawaiiana. Enjoy a spiritual ceremony rather than a religious one. With this type of ceremony you will enjoy the island-feeling most wonderfully with a Hawaiian chant and conch shell blow, a knot-tying ceremony and ceremonial lei exchange. Of course you will also exchange rings and you can write your own vows if you like.

Hawaiian Christian Ceremony

Enjoy a beautiful Christian ceremony, and Aloha lei exchange. This type of ceremony is a combination of traditional Christian and Hawaiian wedding styles. While you definitely have the religious aspects, there also the Hawaiian traditions of lei exchange, conch shell blow and knot-tying included in this ceremony. Writing your own vows is naturally something you can do as well, if you feel like it.

Vow Renewal Ceremony

Renew your wedding vows on a romantic Hawaiian beach. For a vow renewal you can choose from the above Hawaiian and Hawaiian-Christian ceremony styles and you do not even need a wedding license, since you are already happily married!

Commitment Ceremony (without license)

Can't or don't want to make it legal? Enjoy a Commitment Ceremony which is a beautiful ceremony just like a wedding but without a marriage license. This is for you if you have already formally married elsewhere (at a courthouse) or if you prefer not to make your commitment to each other official yet. You can choose the Hawaiian or Hawaiian-Christian wedding ceremony style.

Just Maui'd


Maui'd forever.