Do it the Hawaiian way, 


Pure prettiness.

Choose a beautiful, tropical flower to wear in your hair

All our wedding packages include a tropical hair flower for you to wear on your big day! Our hair flowers look wonderful in photos and what better occasion is there to deck yourself out in flowers than your wedding? Pick from our selection or upgrade to a haku head lei.

1 - White Cymbidium Hair Flower

A large single white cymbidium orchid is a tropical, yet elegant addition to any dress

4 - Yellow Cymbidium Hair Piece

A bright yellow cymbidium orchid as a hair  piece (with or without greens)

2 - Plumeria Hair Flowers

Yellow or rainbow plumeria flowers as a hair piece with pins (seasonal May - September)

5 - Green Cymbidium Hair Flower

Green cymbidium hair flowers are very colorful and look great with green bouquets

3 - Purple Orchids with Pins

5 loose purple orchids come with hair pins and you can place them where you like

6 - White Cymbidium Hair Piece

White cymbidium and baby's breath as a hair piece

7 - Purple Orchid Hair Piece

Purple orchids and baby's breath as a hair piece

8 - Single White Orchids

5 Loose white orchids with hairpins for creative placement wherever you like

9 - Mixed Orchid Hair Piece

Quite substantial cymbidium orchid hair piece with purple orchids and baby's breath 


Or perhaps you might like a haku head lei - the Hawaiian wedding veil

Haku head leis are carefully woven by hand and represent a stylized wedding veil in Hawaiian culture. They are very bridal-like, besides being pretty, and work with long and short hair-styles. (Upgrade from hair flower - $50)

10 - Red & White Haku Head Lei

Haku lei woven of red roses, white orchids and baby's breath with ferns

13 - White & Green Haku Head Lei

Also available in bright red, white, pink, cream, or lavender

16 - Green, White & Purple Head Lei

Beautiful haku head lei woven of white, green and purple orchids together with ferns

11 - Purple Haku Head Lei

Haku head lei woven of purple orchids and ferns

14 - Pink & White Haku Head Lei

Delicate head lei of fragrant tuberose and light pink carnations

Delicate haku head lei of white orchids and baby's breath with a little green 

12 - Phalaenopsis Haku Head Lei

Head lei with phalaenopsis orchids in the front and greens around the sides

15 - Green Tropical Haku Head Lei

Orchids and tropical greens (song of india and maile) are woven into this haku head lei

18 - White & Fern Haku Head Lei

White orchid haku head lei with ferns

19 - Purple Orchid Head

Head lei of ferns and purple orchids

20 - Haku Head Lei for Kids

Head lei for children - they are slightly smaller and are available in all adult styles

21 - Create Your Own

Design your own head lei - tell us what you would like, and our florist will create it for you

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