Traditional Hawaiian wedding leis are an ancient Hawaiian way to say "I love you" and they look amazing!

Hawaii Wedding Leis


A symbol of love.

All our wedding packages include traditional wedding leis that are hand-made with fresh tropical flowers. In Hawaiian tradition, leis stand for friendship, love and for wedding rings! Before Christianity came to the Hawaiian isles only flower leis were exchanged during Hawaiian wedding ceremonies.


Hawaii Wedding Leis

Traditional wedding leis for bride and groom are hand-made using white or purple orchids and according to Hawaiian tradition they should match, just like wedding rings!

#1 - White Wedding Leis

Beautiful white orchid leis are traditional, classy and very bridal-like. The great thing about white leis is that match with absolutely every bouquet!

#2 - Purple Wedding Leis

Beautiful purple orchid leis are a splash of color in your wedding photos. They match best with purple or white bouquets.


Hawaii Wedding Leis

Deluxe leis are extra thick, double-stranded leis that really stand out from the crowd, if you are getting your wedding guests leis as well.

#3 - Deluxe White Orchid Lei

Double-strand white orchid leis are super thick and stunning. 

#4 - Deluxe Purple Orchid Lei

Double-strand purple orchid leis are super thick and stunning. 


Hawaii Wedding Leis 

Maile Leis are the very traditional and historically ancient open leis that are today mostly worn by men. The green Ti-leaf used for Maile leis stands for protection and strength and Maile plants were once considered holy and worn by royalty.

#1 - White Ti-Maile Lei

Maile leis with white orchids are the traditional, classy wedding leis that match with white traditional leis for the bride.

#2 - Purple Ti-Maile Lei

Maile leis with purple orchids make bold color statements and match with purple traditional leis for the bride.

#3 - Green Ti-Maile Lei

The gorgeous traditional green Ti maile lei for the groom matches with both white and purple traditional leis for the bride.