Hawaii wedding leis



A symbol of love.


The traditional Hawaiian wedding leis stand for love & friendship

All our wedding packages include traditional wedding leis that are hand-made with fresh tropical flowers. In Hawaiian tradition, leis stand for friendship, love and for wedding rings! Before missionaries brought Christianity to the Hawaiian isles only flower leis were exchanged during Hawaiian wedding ceremonies. You can choose from our traditional lei range if you have booked a Chic Beach Wedding Package.  

Traditional Wedding Leis
1 - Purple Orchid Wedding Lei

Purple orchid leis that are hand-crafted for your romantic lei exchange ceremony 

2 - White Orchid Wedding Lei

White orchid leis that are hand-crafted for your romantic lei exchange ceremony 


These exclusive plumeria and orchid leis that are particularly beautiful and fragrant, because of the flowers that are used to make them. You can pick from this selection, if you have booked 'The Maui Wedding Package' and upwards.  (Upgrade from traditional - $45)

Deluxe Wedding Leis
7 - Yellow Plumeria Lei

Lei of yellow plumeria (seasonal May - September)

10 - Tuberose & Red Carnation Lei

Fragrant white tuberose and red carnation lei

13 - Pink Plumeria Lei

(seasonal May - September)

8 - Plumeria & White Orchid Lei

Lei of rainbow plumeria and white orchids (seasonal May - September)

11 - Green Orchid & Tuberose Lei

Green orchid leis with fragrant white tuberose spacers

14 - Purple, Green & White Lei

Beautiful white, purple and green orchid lei

9 - Rainbow Plumeria Lei

Lei of rainbow plumeria (seasonal May - September)

12 - Multicolor Plumeria Lei

Seasonal pink plumeria mixed lei, (May - September)

15 - Double Purple Orchid Lei

Extra thick purple orchid lei with two strands of purple orchid intertwined

16 - White Orchids & Pink Rose

Also available with rose highlights in light or dark red, orange, white, pink, cream, or yellow


Maile Lei are the very traditional and historically ancient open leis that are today mostly worn by men. Ti-leaf for example stands for protection and the Maile plant was once only used by royalty and is considered holy. (Upgrade from traditional - $70)

Ti-leaf maile lei are hand-tied, open lei made from the Hawaiian ti-leaf plant that stands for protection and strength

Ti-leaf lei entwined with purple orchids - this maile lei is just gorgeous and matches with the traditional purple orchid lei

Ti-leaf lei entwined with white orchids - this maile lei is particularly stunning and matches with the traditional white orchid lei

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