The magic of your Maui wedding



Over and over again.

Boutique wedding videography to capture and share your wedding
memories with a high-definition video - And action... 

Capture the magic of your ceremony in a beautiful and emotional HD video. Our skilled videographers will compose a living, moving memory of your special day with all the sights and sounds that made it so very special.


We offer the following two video options: ​

1) Premium HD Wedding Videography with Drone Coverage - $1,995 per wedding (based on availabilty)

If you want a true masterpiece and lasting memories captured on video, this is the perfect choice for you. Our videographer will use two cameras for different perspectives, premium sound recording and drone footage to craft an extended-cut video of your ceremony.


2) Wedding "Highlights" Videography - $1,295 per wedding (included in the Boutique Wedding Package)

This option is a 3- to 7-minute cinematographic HD "highlights" video of all the best and most memorable moments of your wedding using one camera and the option to record selected voice capture.

Have a look at some of our wedding videos...