How to choose the best time of day for your wedding ceremony.

Different times of the day will give your ceremony unique atmospheric moods and also have distinct effects on the look of your wedding photography and cinematography.

Morning ceremony (~10 am)

For those of you who like to rise early and have made plans on your wedding day after the ceremony. This is great if you want to have lunch after your ceremony together with your guests, followed by any tours or activities you have planned.

Afternoon ceremony (~3 pm)

Blue skies, bright light and still quite high temperatures. Plenty of time to get ready, enjoy your morning together before the wedding. With this ceremony you finish early enough to attend a Polynesian luau after your wedding, if you like. (Luaus and dinner cruises start at the same time as a sunset ceremony.)

Sunset ceremony (~90 min before sunset)

Soft romantic photo light, lower temperatures and fewer people at the beach. This time is for those couples who love to hold hands and walk into the sunset together. We start the ceremony early enough so that you will have wedding photos of your ceremony colored by golden hour light and the sun will set at the end of your photo session. Enjoy the most romantic time of day and have a Maui sunset wedding!